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Epsilon Breach

Newspapers across the country are reporting Epsilon, a mass marketing firm has been attacked by hackers.  Early forensic reports indicate only individuals’ email addresses were compromised.  However the list of company accounts compromised includes Best Buy, Tivo, Walgreens, Capital One, Citi, JPMorgan … Continue reading

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Check your Zip Files. Brian.

Not a security issue today, but I’m calling my co-worker out on this one.  Whenever you make a zip file, always verify you can UNZIP it before sending it off.  Especially if it’s a very large mission critical zip file.*

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“Facebook” Virus

As I look out at the eastward moving scenery, on my way to clean a conficker.B worm off a customer’s system, it seems only fitting to recount a nasty little run in I had with a “Facebook” virus at a … Continue reading

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Review: Google’s Heavy Duty Token Security

Recently, I got a notice from Google that I could start using their two step authentication to add extra security to my email account.  As far as I know, no one’s out to get me, but I’m always a fan … Continue reading

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Probably Just a Coincidence… Right?

Minding my own business is a pain in the neck sometimes.  Five days ago, I got an email from Expedia.  This practice is not unusual because travel agencies, banks and retail outlets often send you email promotions without your consent, … Continue reading

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