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Check your Zip Files. Brian.

Not a security issue today, but I’m calling my co-worker out on this one.  Whenever you make a zip file, always verify you can UNZIP it before sending it off.  Especially if it’s a very large mission critical zip file.* … Continue reading

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“Facebook” Virus

As I look out at the eastward moving scenery, on my way to clean a conficker.B worm off a customer’s system, it seems only fitting to recount a nasty little run in I had with a “Facebook” virus at a … Continue reading

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Review: Google’s Heavy Duty Token Security

Recently, I got a notice from Google that I could start using their two step authentication to add extra security to my email account.  As far as I know, no one’s out to get me, but I’m always a fan … Continue reading

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Probably Just a Coincidence… Right?

Minding my own business is a pain in the neck sometimes.  Five days ago, I got an email from Expedia.  This practice is not unusual because travel agencies, banks and retail outlets often send you email promotions without your consent, … Continue reading

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